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Listed insurance in Somerset

Welcome to the heart of England, where history whispers through the stones of properties that are centuries old. Somerset, a county steeped in heritage, boasts a rich tapestry of listed buildings that narrate tales of days gone by. From medieval cottages to grand manor houses, each listed property in Somerset is a testament to the region’s historical significance.

However, owning a listed property in Somerset is a unique responsibility. While these architectural gems brim with character, they also demand careful preservation. This is where Abode Listed Property Insurance steps in – as your trusted partner in safeguarding Somerset’s heritage.

Understanding Somerset’s listed properties

Nestled in southwest England, Somerset is a treasure trove of listed properties. Whether timber-framed, thatched, or stone-built, these structures have survived for  centuries, and their significance is legally protected.

Somerset’s landscapes are adorned with historical sites, market towns, and charming villages, making it a haven for heritage enthusiasts.

Sandstone home in Bath, Somerset

Why do listed properties need specialist insurance?

Listed properties require specialised insurance due to their unique risks and restoration needs. Some traditional insurance policies may not address the intricacies of these historical buildings adequately.

Abode specialises in comprehensive coverage encompassing structural aspects and the invaluable heritage.

Our commitment to preservation

Owning a listed property in Somerset is not just about having a home; it’s about being a custodian of history. Our insurance policies align with the conservation regulations, ensuring that your property’s authenticity and character are preserved for future generations.

We understand the importance of using appropriate materials and methods for repairs and restorations to maintain the integrity of your home.

Thatched Cottage, Stogursey Somerset

Cover tailored for Somerset's listed properties

Listed properties often require meticulous care and attention. Factors like conservation area restrictions, limited repair options, and architectural significance necessitate insurance cover beyond the conventional.

Abode Insurance collaborates closely with conservation experts, valuers, and architects to provide a policy addressing the unique challenges Somerset’s listed properties pose.

Our comprehensive cover

Abode Insurance offers a range of cover options for listed properties in Somerset:

Structural Integrity: Coverage for damages to the structure of your property, including its historical features.

Contents Protection: Safeguarding the valuable contents within your property, including antiques, artworks, and period furnishings.

Liability Coverage: Protection against legal claims arising from injuries or damage to your property.

Alternative Accommodation: Coverage for temporary accommodation in case your property becomes uninhabitable due to damage.

Where can I find listed home insurance in Somerset?

Abode works across the whole of Somerset and the South East of England. We work with clients in the following areas and postcodes:

  • Beckington – BA11
  • Bridgwater – TA6
  • Bruton – BA10
  • Chard Town – TA20
  • Crewkerne – TA18
  • Dunster – TA24
  • Frome – BA11
  • Glastonbury – BA6
  • Ilminster – TA19
  • Martock – TA12
  • Minehead – TA24
  • Norton St Philip – BA2
  • Shepton Mallet – BA4
  • Somerton – TA11
  • South Petherton – TA13
  • Taunton Manor and Wilton – TA1
  • Wedmore – BS28
  • Wellington – TA21
  • Wells – BA5
  • Wincanton – BA9
  • Yeovil – BA20, BA21

Our work is not limited to these towns and cities, so please get in touch if you live in Milborne Port, Rode, Axbridge, East Coker, Castle Cary, Milverton, Selworthy, Wiveliscombe, Kingsbury Episcopi, West Coker, Williton, Stoke sub Hamdon, Mells, Merriott, North Petherton or Old Cleeve.

Grade 1 listed Glastonbury Tor

Celebrating the essence of Somerset’s architecture

Somerset’s listed properties are a symphony of  building materials, each contributing to the county’s architectural heritage. Whether your property showcases the honey-coloured limestone synonymous with the Cotswolds, or the rustic charm of timber-framed cottages, it’s crucial to understand and maintain these materials to ensure their longevity.

Caring for Somerset's stone properties

The picturesque villages of Somerset are adorned with stone-built houses that exude timeless beauty. It’s essential to care for the stone to preserve the authenticity of these properties. Regular inspections for cracks and chips, followed by professional masonry repairs, can prevent structural issues.

Cleaning stone surfaces with a soft brush and mild detergent can maintain their good condition while protecting against pollutants.

Nurturing timber-framed cottages

Timber-framed cottages are an integral part of Somerset’s charm. Maintaining the structural integrity of timber requires vigilance, so recommend that you regularly inspect wooden beams for signs of rot or pest infestation. It’s also useful to know that  adequate ventilation and moisture control within timber-framed structures can prevent wood decay. In addition, Periodic treatments with wood preservatives are essential to keep your timber-framed property in prime condition.

Preserving thatched roofs

Thatched roofs are a hallmark of Somerset’s rural landscapes. These roofs require specialist care to prevent fire hazards and ensure their longevity. Regular chimney inspections and spark arresters can minimise fire risks.

Proper thatch maintenance involves re-ridging and replacing damaged thatch sections. Consult a thatching expert to ensure your roof stays true to Somerset’s traditional aesthetics.

Thatched roof home in Somerset

Protecting other materials

Somerset’s listed properties often feature a blend of materials, including cob, mud, brick, and more. Each material has unique care requirements. Maintaining a well-draining foundation and periodic re-rendering for cob and mud structures can prevent moisture-related issues.

Brickwork requires repointing to safeguard against water ingress. Understanding these materials’ nuances and consulting specialists when needed is crucial for their preservation.


Preserving Somerset’s architectural diversity is a matter of pride and a commitment to future generations. By understanding and caring for the unique building materials that define Somerset’s listed properties, you contribute to preserving this rich heritage.

As stewards of Somerset’s historical treasures, it’s our  business to make sure our listed insurance policies extend beyond financial protection – they’re an ongoing  commitment to preserving the essence of the past.

With Abode by your side, you can confidently continue your journey as a guardian of Somerset’s heritage while securing a bright future for your cherished property. Contact us today to embark on a seamless insurance experience tailored to the unique needs of your listed property in Somerset.

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Frequently asked questions

Can I get insurance for ongoing restoration projects on my listed property?

Yes, we offer coverage for ongoing restoration work to safeguard your property’s preservation journey.

How do you determine the property's value of antiques and historical artefacts?

We collaborate with specialist valuers with expertise in evaluating historical and artistic items.

Are there any restrictions on altering or renovating a listed property with insurance?

We work closely with you to understand your renovation plans and ensure they align with conservation guidelines.

Do I need specialised insurance for different building materials?

Abode Insurance’s policies are designed to provide comprehensive coverage for various building materials commonly found in Somerset’s listed properties.

Is there insurance coverage for damage from specific materials, like thatch or cob?

Our insurance covers damages due to various building materials, ensuring that your unique property elements are protected.

Are there any specific maintenance guidelines for listed properties in conservation areas?

Yes, conservation area restrictions may require adherence to specific maintenance guidelines. Abode Insurance can guide compliance.