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Listed Home Insurance

The more significant your home,
the more protection it needs

Listed properties hold an important place in our national heritage. As a result, there are certain laws around the changes you can make to your home both inside and out, to help preserve the features and character that make it individual. Insuring your listed home is therefore more complex, but it is also absolutely vital.

Why do listed properties need specialist cover?

Legally obliged to build back as before

If anything happens to your home, you may need to reinstate it using its original construction methods, which requires specialist skills – so rebuilding your home can often cost more than you paid for it. We understand the skills and materials that are needed to reinstate listed properties, so we can make sure you have the correct level of insurance for full protection.

The need to fix previous owners’ mistakes

As the current legal owner of your listed property, you are responsible for its preservation. If any previous owners made unauthorised changes, it could fall on you to restore your home to its original state. We know this isn’t fair, so we offer cover for the mistakes of previous owners as standard.*

*when directed by a conservation officer to make good. Please refer to policy details.

The impact of time

Due to their age, many listed homes are built using traditional techniques that can make them both more vulnerable to damage and more complex to repair, such as wattle and daub, lathe and plaster, mud, cob and thatch. Whether from water damage or fire, we understand the potential risks to listed homes and offer the right levels of insurance protection.

How do we find you the right cover?

Without the right insurance, you could end up having to pay for expensive and complicated repairs out of your own pocket, so it’s incredibly important that you get the right cover for your listed home. That’s why we’re here.

When we find you an insurance quote, we always ask you about the condition, construction and history of your listed home upfront. This enables us to negotiate with our panel of select insurers to find you the right policy with the correct level of protection you need for your individual home. Once we’ve found the best option, we will talk you through the product carefully, so you understand exactly what protection you’re buying.

We strive to make it as easy as possible for you. With all the right details, we can offer you a quote and set up your policy within the space of a day – and if we feel we need more information to get a better quote, we’ll chat things through with you personally. It may take a little longer than simply buying a policy from an online comparison site, but you’ll have the peace of mind you’re supported by a specialist with the knowledge and experience to ensure your insurance is designed specifically for a listed home.

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