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Our Claims Philosophy

How we handle your claims
sets us apart

At Abode, we know that making an insurance claim is the point at which we show our true credentials. It’s when we can deliver on our promise to you, at what can be a stressful and often frustrating time.

Our philosophy is based on placing our customers at the centre of our decision-making and ensuring that we treat you with empathy at all times. We strive to be responsive, proactive and always communicate in a clear, open and transparent way.

Abode clients are individuals, families and businesses that live with hidden risk every day. We know that in order to earn your trust, we must deliver when you need us most.

Customer care is at our core

Our commitment to our policyholders is one of our core values. We constantly look for ways to improve our services, setting demanding targets for ourselves in order that you receive the best claims service possible. Our claims assessors continually monitor their performance against our targets, and we are always striving to find new ways to help and serve you.

Sourcing the specialist skills
your listed home needs

As your home is historically significant, any repair work is likely to need specialist tradespeople with the right skills. We understand you want people you can trust in the event of a claim, so our policy allows you to choose your own expert professional to carry out the works, depending on your needs. Here, you can find directories for the different heritage building services and contractors you may require:

When is a repair not a repair?

property insurance

Making repairs to a listed home can sometimes be a grey area. For some repairs, you will need to apply for Listed Building Consent and for others you won’t – so we always recommend you consult your local authority’s conservation officer, especially in the event of a claim. As a general guide, anything that’s deemed ‘like-for-like’ is considered a repair, for example removing lime mortar pointing and replacing with lime pointing to match, or replacing a bottom rail of a sliding sash with one in the same timber and profile. However, repointing a total elevation of your house, even in lime to match, is often considered to have an impact on the character and appearance of the property – so you may need Listed Building Consent.

The good news is Listed Building Consent is free and currently requires no application fee. However it’s vital to remember that if you undertake works that need consent and you don’t have it, you are breaking UK law and could be liable for an unlimited fine and/or up to a two-year prison sentence. So it’s always safest to contact your local planning authority to discuss your proposed works.

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