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Wall-to-wall cover for all
grades of listed buildings

Every listed building is constructed in a particular way, which makes it significant – so your buildings insurance needs to offer appropriate protection. We can help source specialist cover for every type of listed building, regardless of how it is built.

We understand that listed properties are typically classed as ‘non-standard construction’ because of their age. And we appreciate the level of care that goes into maintaining a property that’s built using traditional materials and techniques, plus the costs of repair or rebuilding using the same authentic methods.

We take pride in finding cover that’s tailored to your individual listed property, whether it’s your home or a commercial building you own. From your core structure down to the finer details, such as non-standard locks and latches, we will help you find listed building insurance that covers:

The costs of reinstatement, including buildings of non-standard construction such as timber frame, wattle and daub, stone, cob, lead roofs, thatched roofs and more
Correcting the mistakes of previous owners as standard*
Any outbuildings and permanent structures on your land, such as bridges and boundary walls
Alternative accommodation in the event that your home becomes uninhabitable due to an insured event
Use of recommended specialist tradesmen for repairs and reinstatement, and much more

* When directed by a conservation officer to make good. Please refer to policy details.

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Protecting what’s on the inside

It’s not just the structure that makes your listed home unique – what’s on the inside matters too. We offer combined cover for buildings and contents insurance for your listed property. Find out more or get in touch.

Frequently asked questions

Are there disadvantages to owning a listed building?

There are two main perceived disadvantages of listed building ownership, which are a) being limited to the number of changes you’re able to make to your building, and b) the need to obtain listed building consent from your local authority before any changes can be made. However, these so-called disadvantages should be contextualised against the fact that when you own a listed building, you are truly owning a piece of UK history.

Can I fit a new kitchen to my Grade II listed building?

Yes – in a Grade II listed building, a new kitchen may, theoretically, be installed. However, you’ll need Listed Buildings Consent and cannot remove or destroy any period features.

Can you change doors on a listed building?

Your local authority will need to grant you Listed Building Consent before you can start any work on your listed property, such as replacing doors. This is because all listed buildings are protected by the Planning Act 1990 for Listed Buildings and Conservation Areas.

Can you alter the garden of a Grade II listed building?

Grade II listed buildings are classed as buildings of special interest. Because of this, any alterations to its features, such as changes to the gardens, will require written consent from your local authority. This consent ensures any architectural, historical, or other significant feature of the property will be maintained.

What can I do to a listed building without consent?

Because of the historical importance of listed buildings, no alterations, demolitions, or changes can be made without first gaining local authority consent. Failure to do so is a criminal offence that can result in large fines, and in some cases, also a jail sentence.

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