12 April 2023

A government listed building grant for restoration

By Jim Sales Account Executive
Victorian Mansion in Yorkshire

Are you looking to restore a listed building? If so, then you may be eligible for a listed building grant from the government and other organisations. In this blog post, you’ll discover what these grants are, who can apply for them, and how they can help with your restoration project.

What are listed building grants?

Listed building grants are funds provided by the government or private organisations that allow owners of historic buildings to carry out repairs and renovations on their properties. These grants provide financial assistance in order to preserve important architectural features, while also allowing modern updates where necessary.

The amount of money available varies depending on the type of work being done, as well as any restrictions imposed by local authorities or conservation bodies.

Who can apply for a grant?

In general, anyone who owns a listed building is eligible to apply for grant funding; however, there may be certain criteria that must be met before an application will be accepted. This includes having appropriate plans drawn up outlining exactly what needs doing and providing evidence that the property has been properly maintained over time.

It’s also worth noting that some areas have additional requirements such as planning permission or proof of ownership before applications can even begin processing.

How can a grant help with your restoration project?

A grant can make all the difference when it comes to restoring a listed building – not only does it cover costs associated with materials, but it also often covers labour too. This means less stress about finding enough money upfront, which in turn, makes tackling large-scale projects much more manageable (and enjoyable!).

Additionally, many organisations offer advice alongside their funding which helps ensure everything goes smoothly throughout each stage of renovation works – something invaluable if you don’t have experience working on period homes yourself.

Let’s summarise this for you:

  1. Listed building grants are funds provided by either public or private sources designed specifically for those wanting to repair/renovate historic structures within England and Wales.
  2. These listed building grants are also a source of financial assistance towards material costs plus sometimes labour fees too – making larger scale projects far easier than without one.
  3. To qualify, applicants need suitable plans along with evidence showing proper maintenance over time; additionally, some areas require extra paperwork like planning permission prior to approval being granted.

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Scaffolding against a listed building